Sex, lies and college cult go inside the Sarah Lawrence scandal

The story of Sarah Lawrence’s sex cult that shocked everyone is coming to the small screen.

Premiering September 28 as part of Peacock’s DocFest – a six-week virtual festival that will see the release of six new original Peacock titles—Sex, Lies, and College Worship Focuses on the father and the alleged fraud Larry Ray. In the documentary, the documentary tells the true story of how Sarah Lawrence College students were “brainwashed into an abusive sex cult that upended their lives and the lives of their families.”

Describing some of the victims themselves, the feature film “narrates decade-long abuse, extortion, sex trafficking, and forced labor,” Peacock says. “Through dark and personal footage, a picture of the world within this set is revealed – all rooted in manipulation and dark secrets.”

. Official Trailer Sex, Lies, and College Worship (which you can watch below) begins to unravel the complex story, with one interviewee describing Ray as a “multifaceted human being.” [with] Lots of political groups.

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