Shay Mitchell shares a look at a day in the life of her assistant

Shay Mitchell gives birth to baby number 2

Have you ever wondered what it would be like Shay Mitchellassistant?

Well, lucky fans, Shay’s personal assistant Alexa Davis She filmed what it’s like to have a day in her life when her boss is traveling.

As seen in the video posted on August 15th on Shay’s TikTok, first on the agenda is Shay’s mom’s coffee, Precious GarciaWho’s there to help with Shay’s daughters, Atlas of Babylon2 and Rome Babylon4 months.

Then it’s time to lift the heavy things in the name of fashion. Alexa took large bags of shoes and clothes out of the car, noting that “it was a lot.” clarified that the file pretty little liars The star was making a fitting outfit for her flight that night.

Preparations for the trip had just begun. Alexa packed for tea while the 35-year-old was in shindigs for that evening’s event. As seen in the video, trip essentials like portable chargers, mints, nursing pads to “help her nipples from leaking” and Shay’s adorable outfits have all been accounted for.

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