Shia LaBeouf says his father’s portrayal in Honey Boy was incorrect

Shia LaBeouf He is to admit all his faults on the path of redemption.

The tax collector Actor, 36 years old, recently admitted to defaming his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeoufas abusive in the 2019 drama honey boywhich was written by Shiites and previously said is an autobiographical story inspired by his precarious relationship with his father as a child actor.

“I wrote this novel that was just nonsense,” the Shia confessed during the August 31 episode of John Berthal‘s real Audio notation. “My dad has been very loving to me my whole life. Fractures? Sure. Twisted? Sure. Wonky? Sure, but he was never loving, he was never there. He was always there.”

A Shiite said he had a “world press tour about what his father was like” as a man, but acknowledged it had “wronged him”.

in honey boyShay plays James Lort, a former clown, ex-alcoholic and convicted sex offender who becomes jealous of his son’s success as an actor.

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