Shia LaBeouf Says “His Life Was On Fire” Before He Converted To Religion

Elsewhere in the interview, LaBeouf explained how allegations of abuse against him in recent years led to a rupture with his mother, who he described as “embarrassing beyond imagination” when the allegations surfaced. “The news that came out was like, ‘I was abusing women, shooting dogs, and I was willing to give women STDs,'” he said, describing the accusations as ‘corrupt.’

However, according to LaBeouf, he was able to reconnect with his mother after finding “peace” through prayer and his studies at the monastery. He explained, “Seeing other people who have sinned beyond anything I can imagine are also in Christ is what made me feel, ‘Oh, that gives me hope.’” I started hearing the experiences of other corrupt people who had found their way into this, and I felt like I got So.”

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