Taylor Swift agrees with this theory about her 10 albums

Swifties examined all the empty spaces in popular fan theory.

Now, fans have received approval from Taylor Swift about one theory about lover House – A house seen in the singer’s music video for the song 2019. In the video, Taylor and her partner are inside a snow globe that contains a nine-room house and an surrounding forest covered in snow. The couple was seen dancing in multiple rooms all decorated and colored in different ways, ranging from the green living room to the dimly lit attic.

Eagle-eyed fans theorized that every section of the house corresponded to an album from the “Love Story” singer’s discography – and Taylor gave them a thumbs up by liking TikTok saying the house is now complete after announcing her upcoming album. midnight.

In the photo, fans matched the living room to the self-titled album Taylor Swiftblue dining room talk nowyellow games room in it fearlessdrawer with folklore And a red entertainment space with it red, naturally. The upper half of the house has a turquoise bathroom attached to it 1989closet with foreverpink bedroom lover And the attic with reputation.

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