Taylor Swift and mom Andrea’s reaction to Doppelgänger

Nice to meet you, where have you been?

There is nothing wrong with that Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea SwiftJust saw incredible things from TikToker Ashley Lichen, who often dresses as a pop star on the catwalk. After Ashley recently made a video of herself reacting to the singer unveiling the title of a song from her upcoming movie. midnight Taylor wrote in the comments section, “Mom just watched this and said ‘She looks like you’.”

Needless to say, the note made Ashley’s dreams come true. In another video, the creator, who has over 639,000 followers on TikTok, can be seen jumping on the bed in excitement. “I’m legitimately crying and shivering now,” Ashley says as she weeps with joy. “I love you!”

“You left me speechless,” she added in the caption.

Ashley first went viral for looking like Taylor last year, when Swifties found a video of her doing the laundry. Since then, she has continued to create Taylor-inspired content, including lip-syncing of the “Blank Space” singer’s songs.

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