Tell Me Star Lies explains how the show differs from the book

Members Carola LovingThe Tell Me Lies novel should expect some changes when the Hulu TV adaptation appears on the small screen.

Well, at least, that’s what the stars of the show did Grace Van Patten And the Jackson White— who play Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco, respectively, in the new steamy drama — infuriated E! The news is ahead of the September 7 premiere. As Grace and Jackson detailed, Hulu is interfering tell me lies Tracing its source, but it expands the story to focus on more supportive players, who play Spencer HouseAnd the Sonya MinaAnd the Alicia CrowderAnd the Benjamin Wadsworth And the Catherine Misal.

Grace explained to E! “The show really delves into each character.” News, “And each character has a distinct journey and inner turmoil they go through. You can really get to know Lucy and Stephen in the book, but the show really delves into each character and makes it more of a band.”

Grace promised that this hub would have viewers who “have invested in each character and in their friendships.”

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