The Ally McBeal Sequel series will focus on the new young lawyer

No objections here!

that McBeal’s ally A sequel series is in the works at ABC, according to multiple reports. However, the new series will not necessarily follow Calista FlockhartHonorary attorney. Limit Reports indicate that the series will focus on a new main character, a recent law school graduate and the daughter of McBeal’s DA classmate RenĂ©e Raddick (Lisa Nicole Carson). Renee’s daughter will join the same McBeal law firm as her in the original series, paving the way for a possible appearance from Flockhart.

However, it is understood that Flockhart did not take on the project, which is still in the early stages of development.

The new offer was written and executed Karen Guestwho wrote in girlfriendsAnd the house of lies And more recently, Hulu mike. series creator David E Kelly She did not participate in the new series, though Limit He noted that he had given her his blessing.

McBeal’s ally He ran for five seasons from 1997 to 2002 and starred in Flockhart, Greg GermanAnd the Jill BellowsAnd the Jane KrakowskiAnd the Lucy LiuAnd the Portia de Rossi and more.

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