The American Ninja Warrior Preview will leave you hooked for more

We run the new America ninja warrior cycle… and fail! (exclusive)

No matter how much sports experience you have, nothing can prepare you for american ninja warrior The theater.

After making his way to the third stage of the NBC series, a competitor Josh LevineHis skills are put to the test in this exclusive peek-a-boo! american ninja warrior The National Finals, which airs August 29.

Unlike other courses, there is no time limit for Phase Three, so Levine takes it slow as he begins the Patriot Pass, which requires a person to hold on to different lengths of ropes (not to mention move around as well).

Not only is Levine’s athletic experience as a competitive rock climber competitive, but his engineering degree from MIT gives him an added edge in planning his movements on the course, co-host noted Matt Iceman.

Having run into some trouble with stalactites, Levine quickly regroups and makes his way through the Chop It Up obstacle, despite some bumps.

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