The creator of the Squid game wants this star to appear on the show

Leonardo DiCaprio The green light has been given to join the cast squid game.

During the media conference held on September 16 to celebrate the Emmy win for Netflix, Director Hwang Dong Hyuk She revealed that the new episodes will still be rolling out in Korea for the time being. “There will be no known Hollywood actor in season two,” he said, according to Limit. “That’s not in the plan and if the stage changes, maybe in season three.”

However, Dong-Hyuk won’t give up on the idea of ​​choosing Titanic star. Leonardo DiCaprio said he was a big fan of him squid game, ‘burped’, so perhaps if time or opportunity permits, we can ask him to join the games. We were already joking about that.”

It’s not yet clear if DiCaprio will take Dong-Hyuk on the show, but the Oscar winner has plenty of time to make up his mind, as the second season isn’t expected to air until 2024.

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