The makers of Los Espookys explain the importance of beauty queens

on me Los EsposisBeauty pageants are a matter of life or death.

Season two of the esoteric and sharply funny HBO Max comedy, premiering September 16, finds Rinaldo (Bernardo Velasco) is haunted by the ghost of the former Miss Nostra Belleza Latina, who acts as a catalyst to explore the alluring campground world of pageant culture.

for creators Julio TorresAnd the Anna Fabriga And the Fred Armisen, the quiz world exam was treated with great respect, Torres explained in an exclusive conversation with E! News, “I don’t know if this was a Central American thing or not, but beauty pageants have always been something very close to sports.”

Torres, who also stars in Los Esposis And the hilarious eccentric also revealed that, in addition to being an intrigued spectator, he has a family connection to the world of pageants.

“One year, I remember my cousin was in a beauty pageant representing one of El Salvador’s states and it was very strange,” Torres said. “It was all so weird. It’s a visually rich thing to consume.”

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