These Bridgerton Secrets will be the object of all your desires

6. BeyoncĂ© Inspired Queen Charlotte’s Look

produced by Shonda Rhimesthe mastermind behind shows like scandal And the How to get away from murderAnd the Bridgeton It is celebrated for its versatility. For example, on the show, British actress Guyana Golda Rochevel She plays Queen Charlotte of England, who was a real person. Some historians believe that King George III’s wife was a descendant of an Afro-Portuguese royal family, according to PBS.

“When I looked up Queen Charlotte and found out she’s African, it gave me so much more room to create her good looks,” makeup and hair stylist on the show. Mark Belcher Tell Vogue magazine. “She used the silhouettes of that period but in celebration of her ethnicity, she used locks, braids, and patterns with afro-textured textures. Her Afro-giant was shaped like a Gainsborough wig, but influenced Beyonce Like Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers at Goldmember.

Belcher echoed his comments for essencesaying, “I saw BeyoncĂ© Knowles in Austin Powers Gold Member That’s when I thought, “This is what I want.” I wanted the biggest African-American person he had ever seen. This wig in particular was actually four or five wigs that were put together. So we had wigs for loops and then we bought afros and then straightened and re-set the sticks of braids and wiped them with until we had the best volume of afro, and then we sewed them on top of each other just to get that pretty look.”

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