These washable, pet-friendly rugs start at just $37

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Let’s be honest: We all love our four-legged friends, but even the best-behaved people have been known to take home decor as a personal challenge. Keeping carpets neat and clean of whatever pets love to do can be a headache and a half. Sometimes, literally, considering the chemicals that are often involved in stain removal. Fortunately, Boutique Rogues has thought of everything.

Sure, they may have a “shop” in the name, but the company has a huge selection of washable area rugs that are a pet lover’s dream. No matter your personal style (modern! Eclectic! Something else!), Riggs Boutique has something to suit your style. Few hairballs or muddy claw trails can match. Oh, and best of all, it’s affordable. Like, really affordable.

Keeping your space clean has never been easier – or more affordable on your wallet. Read on for 11 of our suggestions for washable rugs that make pet-friendly homes more human-friendly.

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