This lip color with 10K + 5 Amazon stars comes in 20 fall shades

Here’s what reviewers say:

“I love how long this formula lasts but isn’t drying. This is one of the few that ‘stains’ so well after a meal that it’s very hard to find with American formula lipsticks. It looks and feels natural on the lips even though it’s quite opaque. Everyone should have at least one drawer in their drawer.”

“The first picture is my own lip color, the red is 01 Good Brick and the pink is 26 Well Made Nude. I have an order of 25 Cinnamon Nude and 31 Wine Nude on the way, so I’ll update when they arrive too. They feel super lightweight, no strong scents Or a sticky feeling.I was able to dab a little bit on my lips and blend it in with my mirrorless fingertips and get really good coverage, the color it leaves behind is great for a more subtle look but layering creates a really great color palette.I highly recommend watching the YouTube videos to decide which shades You want it because pictures can be misleading. This is the first pink I’ve found in over a decade that doesn’t wash off or look chalky.”

“I love the scent (it smells like raspberry) and the color. Good brick is a deep orange red, and looks really nice on my lips. It’s a little dry, so make sure to moisturize the lips before applying. It does smudge a bit, but overall I like it and will buy again !”

“The color and shade are so unique! The intensity of the color is definitely great with an opaque, so I toned it down by putting a little on my lips for a more natural feel! A little velvety lipstick means it should last longer when it dries down quicker but I realized that if there was a lot on the lips, it doesn’t tend to dry out! So a little is best if you’re looking for a lipstick that will last :)”

“Image after spending a whole day outside, drinking, eating, talking. My lips are naturally pale, almost white. Most lip stains are very dark by contrast, but I put this on for a few minutes and then kiss a tissue to remove the excess, & it lasts all day. A perfect tint that makes my lips look healthy. It doesn’t wrinkle your lips, doesn’t dry out your lips, and doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup.”

“This was a Prime Day recommendation and I took a chance! In short, a great product for the money. My favorite lip tint is the water-based one that’s no longer available. This isn’t like that at all, but it’s a lip color that’s highly pigmented (I got red) It has to be applied carefully, and because it comes with a sponge tip. For a more precise application I used a lip brush. No problem… It stays in place, doesn’t it bleed. I will say it looked great right away. Matte, which is the trend now. What I’m still wearing my mask, and can’t believe it didn’t transfer on the mask at all, even after being kept outdoors for hours at 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity! Another is that while it is long lasting, it does not make your lips dry.You can feel it, but it is not annoying (I am very picky).Journey, it has a bit of a flavor so it is so mild that I can’t even recognize it, but it’s asant , but it fades instantly. I personally don’t want flavored lips. I would describe this lip color as long lasting, not r Real lip slang. It is a great product for the money. Feel free to try. “

“It glides on perfect and stays on! I rarely need to reapply. You can apply Peripera’s mood glowing pigment if you want a glossy look, but the color still stays put. I put it on my lips and put my fingers on my lips to smooth and then use what’s on my fingers on my cheeks! Love it!” Just in time to go to a wedding and be in the pictures.”

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