This Little Gossip Girl Reunion Has The Missing Fans Of The OG Series

We go back together again.

If you missed the original gossip girl Cast, we have a deja vu moment for you.

on August 22 on Instagram, Aaron Schwartz (who played Vanya in the song series) uploaded a photo of participating in a small reunion with cast members including Susanna Zadkowski, Chase CrawfordAnd the Jessica Zohr And the Ed Westwick.

In a series of photos that Schwartz has shared, he is seen smiling and hanging out with his ex-mates – one photo shows Schwartz and Zedkowski out for a barbecue together! Szadkowski also posted a photo of the gang reuniting with the caption: “In short #reunion”

The reunion took place at the Ep-ix & Chill Convention at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mount Pleasant, SC, where stars from many TV shows were presented including Gilmore GirlsAnd the pretty little liarsAnd the One Tree HillAnd the Friday night lightsAnd the OC.

It’s clear that nostalgia is still there for the band, as fans poured in in the comments to express their excitement, with one user saying, “Carlyle with Vanya and Dorota, I’m crying.”

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