TikTok star Tanya Bardazzi dies at age 21 after skydiving accident

In its online statement, the police department said it was “investigating a fatal skydiving accident in the town of Innisville.” They said, “A woman was seriously injured after she jumped from a plane operating from a local skydiving club. She was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.”

e! The news reached the police department and Skydive Toronto, both of whom did not include names in their statements.

Ozguli told CTV News Toronto that Bardazi “was interested in anything new and adventurous. Life was too boring for her and she was always trying to do something adventurous.” She added that her friend “really lived every second to the fullest. This is our biggest shock. It’s very hard to process. It’s been two days, but we still can’t believe it.”

Kimya SipanluAnother friend of Bardazzi paid tribute to the late star on Instagram. “I’m at a loss (cynical because you’ve always been so good at putting what I’ve been thinking into words) but will do my best to get my point across,” she wrote. “I’m crazy. Angry at you for leaving me without anyone to call randomly and talk about my crazy coincidences, but also angry at the world for taking a smart and kind-hearted person like you away from us.”

She continued, “I feel sad, because we couldn’t go on the Bali trip together like we’ve always talked, but also with frightening ease knowing you finally got your answer on what the afterlife was like. You were one in a million and you came out like one in a million. You were loved. By many. Many will miss you. Wait for me on the other side.”

Bardazi was also mourned online by fans and the University of Toronto Scarborough cheerleading team.

“Forever part of our team and in our hearts,” read a post on their Instagram page. “Tanya Bardazi was one in a million.”

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