TikToker Abby Herbert pregnant after pregnancy loss

A new face may join Abby Herbert In her own TikToks soon.

After months of tipping over an important announcement, the influencer shared an exciting update on her YouTube channel and TikTok – she’s pregnant again!

“All the feelings are happening now,” Abby said in a video on September 1, which showed her nervously walking back and forth while discussing whether or not she should get a pregnancy test. The social media star, who shared her pregnancy loss last May, went on to explain how she was “so excited” but also “so nervous” to look at the test results.

“When I found out I was two months pregnant,” she said, “I started thinking about all these things.”

But upon reading her results, Abby – who shares her 11-month-old daughter Anemone coronaria with the husband Josh Herbert– I happily left speechless.

Abby took a minute to process the news, turned to the camera and revealed, “I’m pregnant.” Then she showed the viewers a pregnancy test while she was doing a happy dance.

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