Timothée Chalamet Big mood before the Venice Film Festival premiere

Timothée Chalamet It literally takes up half a full glass of time spent in Venice.

The 26-year-old is currently spending the time of his life in Italy before the premiere of his new film at the 2022 Venice Film Festival bones and everything. On September 1, the actor was photographed smiling from ear to ear while enjoying a martini during a day outing.

Based on the 2015 novel released at the same time, the film follows the “first love story” between two teens, who also happen to be cannibals. For a movie that also stars Taylor RussellChalamet reunited with Call me by your name boss Luca Guadagnino And his acting partner Michael Stolberg.

In early August, it was Dune The star teased the premise of the movie (while confounding fans at the same time) when he dropped hints on Twitter about “soft bonescrunchy bones“Finally,”bone bones. But all the eyebrow raising ended when he fell Trailer for the movie After a brief period.

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