Tom Hanks shares his review of a series of their own series

Tom Hanks Believes Abby Jacobson And the Will Graham Hit it out of the park with her new TV adaptation of their own league.

The Pinocchio The star shared his thoughts on the changes Jacobson and Graham made to the 1992 film, in which he played serious coach Jimmy Duggan. “I’m really happy to have it here because they can touch on some of the social stuff that the original content has gone beyond,” he said. The Hollywood Reporter Sept 7 “That’s where we are now. There’s no reason not to get into the other aspects of who people like and why they play the game and stuff like that too.”

In the original film, the director Penny Marshall Only hinting at baseball players’ sexual orientation, as same-sex relationships were still a stigma at the time. But now, the Prime Video series frankly discusses and celebrates the impact of the queer community on sports.

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