TV Scoop Awards 2022: The full list of winners

There is no denying that television is king.

You, our E! News readers have proven this right by sticking around your favorite stars, shows, scene steals, and steamy kisses at the 2022 TV Scoop Awards. The voting period, which began on August 18 and concluded on August 25, sparked celebrity reactions, millions of votes and the number of votes Countless posts on social media. And now, we’re happy to report that we have the full list of winners.

And while some soap operas dominated the categories they were in – *cough* Weird thingsAnd the prairie And the trance *cough* – some fought with teeth and nails to get out on top.

We, personally, refer to Big brother Fans who did their best to watch the Season 24 contestant Taylor Hill First place in the Favorite Reality Star category. (Spoiler: We think it will be very Happy with the end result.)

Netflix’s fans Umbrella Academy Also impressed, it knocked out some of the most anticipated contestants in the Music Moment and Plot Twist categories. How to Make Elliot pageAnd the Amy Raver LampmanAnd the Robert Sheehan And the rest of the actors are proud!

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