Tyler Stanaland rocks with co-stars after Brittany’s snowy split

Before his split from Brittany, Tyler got caught up in a drama involving someone else sell OC. Share the star. During his August 23 appearance on Real life with Kate Casey Podcast, former professional surfer claimed that fellow realtor Kayla Cardona He tried to kiss him on two separate occasions, but added that the facts “did not happen during filming”.

Tyler noted that he eventually “put some hard lines and some boundaries” between himself and Kayla, who later apologized to him for disrespecting his marriage.

As for the rest of his co-workers, Tyler insisted there was nothing romantic going on, despite posing comfortably with them in front of the cameras, particularly the scene where fans saw Alex sitting in his lap.

“The hard part about that is, like Alex, Polly, me, everybody, we’re all really restricted friends,” he explained. “There is respect; no lines will ever be crossed. Most of us are married or dating someone, so there is some kind of set boundary there.”

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