Vanessa Bryant Talks About Verdict in Kobe Crash Photos Lawsuit

Describing herself as “shocked, devastated, hurt and betrayed” by the presence of the photos, Vanessa said she sued the county because she “wanted answers.”

“I live in fear every day,” she said, adding that she did not want her children to see the pictures. “All you want to do is protect your children.”

In the wake of the judgment, Mira HashmolLos Angeles County’s lead outside attorney in the case said in a statement to E! The news, “We are grateful for the jury’s hard work in this case. While we do not agree with the jury’s findings regarding district liability, we believe the prize money shows that the jurors did not believe the evidence supports the plaintiffs’ request for $75 million from for emotional distress.”

“In the meantime, we hope the Bryant and Chester families will continue to recover from their tragic loss,” Hashmol added.

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