Watch JoJo Siwa meet Avery Cyrus while battling a sore throat

Avery Cyrus proved that it will be jojo siwaRegardless of the distance.

Avery took viewers with her as she hops on a plane to be with JoJo, who has been suffering from strep throat, just days before they arrive at a TikTok official with their romance.

In a TikTok posted to Avery’s page on September 10, a text conversation between Avery and JoJo was shared in which dancing moms The young man wrote: “I’m sick 🙁 I need a hug please”.

Avery noted in her response that although she would love to hug Jojo, she is currently in Florida. But let’s know that the 22-year-old made it happen. After catching a flight — and practicing the cuddling position at different parts of the trip — Avery ends the video with a clip of her and JoJo in an embrace.

A beautiful moment can be the perfect therapy to make one feel better – especially while getting better. On September 14, Jojo said she still had a sore throat despite drinking water, antibiotics, and plenty of chicken soup.

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