Watch Laurie Vallow’s son confront his mother in the sins of our mother

“I’m not good, mom.”

Colby Ryan Trailer for the upcoming Netflix documentary series opens the sins of our mother, i.e. E! It can reveal the news exclusively, asking his mother questions Laurie Vallow.

He asks her over the phone “Are you sorry for me, or are you sorry for my siblings?”

the sins of our mother It tells the heartbreaking and incomprehensible story of Lori and her husband Chad Dibblewho were indicted with first-degree murder in June 2021 in the deaths of Laurie’s children Teleand 17 and J7.

Laurie also later filed a single indictment of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in connection with the death of her late husband. Charles Vallow and a separate first-degree murder charge of Daybel’s ex-wife Tammy Dibblewho both died in 2019.

Lori’s twisted story and the destruction of her family is made all the more difficult by the simple fact that no one has ever seen her come. As Colby told his mother in the trailer, “I would have never thought you’d do something like this.”

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