Watch Selena Gomez and Sister Gracie sing together on the Olivia Rodrigo Show

Sister tune.

Selena Gomez She just shared a glimpse of the most amazing girls’ evenings with her younger sister Gracie Elliott Tevey in Olivia Rodriguez musical party.

On August 19, TikTok released Just killing in buildings The 30-year-old star was spotted looking into the eyes of the 9-year-old singing alongside the “Driving License” singer, who toured North America and Europe earlier this year. In a moment of extra tenderness, Selena – who wears a trendy purple bucket hat – touches her nose and then Gracie’s nose before the two embrace in a warm hug.

Just a month ago, Jessica Simpson She revealed that Selena took her 10-year-old daughter, Maxwell Johnsonto watch her first concert – a show part of Olivia’s Sour Tour – while she’s looking after the kids.

The “Irresistible” singer explained that her family broke up with Selena after Maxwell became mutual friends with one of Selena’s younger sisters (Selina’s mother) Mandy Tiffy Gracie shares with Brian Teveywhile Selena’s father Ricardo Joel Gomez Involved Victoria Gomez8, with Sarah Gomez.)

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