Watch Tori Spelling Host Mania for Upcoming Dating Contest

A new level of realism just appeared on reality TV.

MTV announced on September 13 that its first mysterious dating competition, Love at first lieIt will be hosted by the actress Tori spelling. The series will follow eight, apparently in love couples. essence? Contestants must decide which pair is the real deal and which pair is totally faking it.

How will they discover this fact? MTV revealed that the couples – including ryani And the shantzAnd the Monica And the joshAnd the Jake And the two thousandAnd the sis And the my headAnd the Annabelle And the AtmosphereAnd the Carla And the BrianAnd the Stephanie And the ArabellaAnd the yuri And the Alicia– He will participate in “power games that test their relationships and give insight into who is telling the truth or lying with their teeth.”

“At the end of each episode, during the Truth Party,” the description continues, “couples must exclude from the competition whoever they think is lying about their love. If they guess correctly and kick out the liars, they add $25,000 to the prize. Funding each time.”

Sounds like the perfect recipe for some serious drama. This is not a lie.

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