Whitney Houston Trailer That Will Make You Want To Dance With Someone

The greatest love ever happens to us.

That’s right, it’s a sneak peek into Sony’s biography detailing the beloved icon’s life Whitney Houston. . Power Trailer I wanna Dance With Somebody Released on September 15, teases the actress Naomi AkiDepiction of the legendary singer.

A first look begins with how it all began Clive Davis He arrives at the club where he hears sonic power for the first time. He asks, “What’s your name again?” , before he signed it to Columbia Records. (Fun fact: the real Clive Davis is a producer of the movie.)

Whitney’s rise to fame is rapid. Case in point: The trailer pops when you first hear her voice on the radio.

Whitney expressed it, “My dream is, sing what I want to sing, be what I want, to reach as wide an audience as possible.”

Little did she know this would be just a fraction of her accomplishments, including her signature performance of “Star Spangled Banner” at the 1991 Super Bowl—which we also got a glimpse of in the promo.

But all this did not come without his critics. In fact, one of the scenes shows Whitney telling that her music “isn’t black enough”.

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