Whoopi Goldberg reveals who inspired Cinderella

Impossible things happen every day.

This is what we learned in 1997 Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella starring movie Brandy, Whitney HoustonAnd the Whoopi Goldberg. But that sentiment proved true when, 25 years later, fans saw the cast of Disney’s movie come together on ABC. Cinderella Special Edition: Reunion On August 23. During the private ceremony, Goldberg shared what it took to create the beloved Queen Constantina.

the view The co-host spilled tea behind the scenes and revealed that she reversed her own behaviors to bring the character to life, as the part was largely self-reliant.

Queen Whoopi has arrived!

“I wanted her to be me in a dress,” Goldberg said. “A little silly, a little hilarious. And I figured her out.” “She doesn’t finish the sentences. She makes the sounds.”

The Oscar winner also said that her idea was to make the Queen wear all that sparkle, and it wasn’t the cheap stuff.

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