Why can’t we expect Jimmy Kimmel to be leaving late at night anytime soon

Jimmy KimmelHe has a lot to celebrate.

Late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! It’s getting close to the two-decade stage, and it looks like the host isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. ABC announced on September 20 that three more years of the show are officially closed.

Talk about bag insurance.

Kimmel has made headlines and executive produced the show since 2003.

The host’s contract was due to expire next year but has now been extended until the 23rd season. In a statement to the news, the comedian responded, “After two decades at ABC, I am now looking forward to three years of what they call a ‘quiet takeoff’.”

This news comes just a few months after the late-night host contemplated the possibility of going out. In June, the 54-year-old said diverse“I wish I knew, [what] I would… I have moments where I go, “I can’t do this anymore.” And I have moments where I go, “What am I going to do with my life if I don’t do this anymore?” It’s very complicated.”

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