Why did Camila Cabello cry ‘Crazy Boy’ once at Justin Bieber’s party

There’s nothing quite like the first time – just ask Camila Cabello And the john legend.

the sound The coaches played several rounds of a game called “My First Time” in honor of Camilla’s upcoming new season on NBC’s singing competition, and now, E! The news offers you an exclusive look at all the husband’s confessions.

As the clips below show, themes of the game ranged from Camila and John’s first feelings to very Various forays into the world of work – and the latter is likely to be a common acquaintance between Camila’s fans. “My first job was to be a singer in The tenth factor“,” referring to the popular series that was formed Fifth Harmony. “I was 15 years old!”

On the other hand, John had a much more involved first job: a repairman’s assistant at the Kincaid Music Store in his hometown of Springfield, Ohio.

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