Why didn’t Aaron Dominguez appear only in Season 2 of Murders?

What happened to the man who dyed the tie?

This is a fan question Only the murders in the building You’ve been trying to figure it out ever since season 2 debuted on June 28 without a major cast member: Aaron Dominguezwho played Oscar Torres in the first season of the comedy Hulu.

Fortunately, an answer appeared courtesy of John Hoffmanwho co-created the show with Steve Martin.

Hoffman told Deadline on August 23, “I love Aaron. We made a call that we didn’t want to see Mabel (Selena GomezDevelop a relationship in which the bond of trauma is strong.”

He went on to explain that he thought it would be “really difficult” for Oscar to remain in Arconia after the rabbit’s death, noting “we thought his leaving made sense.”

There you are, another Murder in the building only The puzzle has just been solved.

But that doesn’t mean Oscar is gone forever, as Hoffman told the publication, “I think they keep in touch and I wouldn’t say it’s not something that won’t come back somehow, because it was a part of her life.”

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