Why do fans think Florence Pugh’s Glam team is heavy on the drama

Although Florence has not publicly commented on the rumors, Olivia has tried to stop any tension between the two.

“For all the endless gossip and all the hype out there, I mean the internet is feeding itself,” she said during the Venice Film Festival press conference on September 5. “I don’t feel the need to contribute. I think it is nutritious enough.”

After the festival, Florence wrote a letter to her fellow stars congratulating them on a job well done, apparently ignoring the gossip.

“What a moment,” Florence captioned the September 7 Instagram post, along with a bunch of photos from the premiere. “Big congratulations to everyone standing on that carpet. We premiered in Venice! An amazing win in itself. I’ve never been to the Venice Film Festival before.. It was huge! The crowds! The cheers! The energy was incredible.”

She continued, “And to all the cast and crew who helped make this movie, thank you for all your hard work. We honestly wouldn’t have been there without your talent and we really appreciate it.”

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