Why does Jimmy Chung say the hardest part of motherhood was the beginning

Jimmy Chung share it The real world Experiment with twins.

The actress who welcomed twin boys with her husband Brian Greenberg In October 2021, she detailed the challenges of motherhood during an exclusive interview with E! News. For Jamie, the first trimester was the first three months of becoming a mother.

“You hardly find time for yourself and nothing gets done,” lollipop punch said the star. “You’re lucky to take a shower.”

She continued, “When you’re sleep-deprived, you’re a little cranky and you get into a fight with your partner. There’s no patience. You have to force yourself not to react to how you’re really feeling.”

According to Jamie, she felt lucky that labor was slow for her when the twins were newborns.

“I had a great fun time with the kids,” she said. “When they’re young, you’re like, ‘I can’t wait for them to grow up.’ And then when they’re 10 months old, you say, ‘Wait, you’re so big!”

She admitted, “I miss childhood. It’s true when people say, ‘They grow up fast.'” “

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