Why does newlywed Sarah Hyland want to “decorate the bedroom” with Wells

If there is one thing it is Love Island, USA The contestants know how to do it, they had a great time.

So, when it comes to the main lesson host Sarah Hyland She said she’s staying away from couples this season, you should always be silly with your partner, just like islanders Deep Chubby And the Jesse Bray.

“I’ve learned from the couples in the villa, specifically Deb and Jesse, that I need to play patty cake in bed with Wells [Adams] Oftentimes, she joked in an exclusive interview with E! News. “That’s what I learned.”

Depp and Jesse – who finished third in the show’s season 4 finale on August 28 – quickly established themselves as one of the funniest villa couples after spending their time alone playing the classic children’s game.

“We’ve never really done that, and I think it’s something we should try,” said newlywed Sarah, adding that doing it “can liven up the bedroom a little bit after marriage.” Cake patty, baker man, “How’s it going?”

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