Why does Shaquille O’Neal confirm his theory that the world is flat?

Shaquille O’Neal Still not ready to accept that the Earth is spherical.

On August 23, the 50-year-old NBA legend reaffirmed his support for the flat Earth theory when asked if he still believed his controversial 2017 comments.

“It’s a theory,” he said during an appearance on Kyle and Jackie Oh Shaw. “It’s just a theory, they teach us a lot of things.”

Shaq then doubled down on his claims, stating that he “flew straight” from the US to Australia before appearing on the radio show. “I flew 20 hours today, and not once did I go that way,” he explained, before adding that his plane “didn’t flip” or “flip upside down” during the flight.

Opposition to theory, host Kyle Sandiland Wondering how someone could fly to the other side of the world in different directions, Shaq replied, “It’s still a straight line, don’t go down.”

Shaq not only has different opinions about what the planet looks like, but he also says that he doesn’t think it rotates.

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