Why does Sharon Horgan think bad sisters came at the right time

“The industry needs to see that those stories can be just as exciting,” catastrophe co-creator said. “Women have been watching male stories and ever since film and television started. That’s never been a problem. It’s just been a learning curve that’s still being learned. But we’re in a good place.”

Horgan joins him Anne Marie DuffAnd the Eva BirthstelAnd the Sarah Green And the Eve Hewson in the series. Together, they make up the honorary name Bad Sisters.

Of course there is he is A man at the center of the story – the vile John Paul Claes Bang—But Horgan knew that the premise of the show wouldn’t quite work if there weren’t human remains in his character either.

“He’s a beast,” she said, “but he needed to feel real.” “If he wasn’t feeling real, you wouldn’t hate him so much. You wouldn’t have feared him so much or worry about Grace (Duff) or feel like you’re on board with what the sisters are trying to do.”

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