Why Florence Poe and Chris Pine Missed Happening Don’t Worry Darling

Don’t worry, there is an explanation.

Two missing faces from do not worry my loveThe New York City event is still popping up.

Although he was not present with the rest of the cast, Florence Boge And the Chris Pine They welcomed the audience with a video message prior to the film’s release on September 19 and explained their absence from the event due to scheduling conflicts. The duo are currently working on separate projects of their own, with Florence portrayed Dune: Part 2 And Chris are working on a movie in California.

“Even though I work halfway around the world,” Florence He said in their joint letterwith Chris adding, “And I’m all the way in L.A. into a production myself.”

“We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to thank you for coming to the experience,” Florence continued do not worry my love in IMAX”.

Payne told the audience that they were on an “exciting journey” and hoped they would enjoy the film.

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