Why is Abbott’s primary star compared to appearing in gray

Sherrill Lee Ralph She knew this moment would come – and she doesn’t plan on letting it slip away any time soon.

ABC star Abbott Elementarywho won a TV Scoop for Favorite Comedy Series on August 29, isn’t just hoping her show will follow in the footsteps of her beloved network compatriot — but Cheryl wants to be there every step of the way.

“Listen, I really hope we’ll be like instinct anatomy“Cheryl said exclusively to E! News.” instinct anatomyCharacters may change, but the show will go on! Some stay forever. I hope to stay there as long as God and [creator] quinta [Brunson] It will be me.”

Abbott Elementarywhich begins its second season on September 21, has a long way to go instinct anatomywhich is entering its nineteenth season in a draw with lacy And the NCIS as the sixth longest-running prime-time American television series written in history.

But hey, we’re more than ready to see Miss Barbara Howard forging the impressionable minds of Philadelphia for another two decades.

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