Why Jinkx Monsoon called RuPaul “Broom” in the All-Star Drag Race

At long last, a drag race The puzzle has been solved.

during Jynx MonsoonLegendary Snatch instantly performs like Judy Garland on me RuPaul’s Drag All Stars 7One of her answers started calling RuPaul “broom.” Everyone laughed – but it didn’t really make any sense.

Until now!

Alaska [Thunderf–k] And I was constantly doing impressions about Alyssa Edwards” [Snatch Game] impersonation Katy Perry It was so confusing that we couldn’t help but just make a whole character based on that impression,” Jinkx explained at Vulture’s Good Podcast August 25th. “Alyssa Edwards’ voice is really very unique, and then her voice trying to perform Katy Perry was just more Alyssa than Alyssa usually speaks to.”

Well, we’re getting close.

“We kept joking, like Katy Perry, when Rowe asked Alyssa, ‘Have you kissed a girl before?’ And Alyssa went, “Ro, never!” [it became] “Bru,” then switched to “Broom, neber,” Jinkx said, “so when I called Ru’ Broom, it was the smallest Easter egg, pretty much for Alaska only.” “

and like that, drag race History was made.

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