Why Neil Gaiman Is Not Confident About The Sandman’s Future

hypnotic It is a success – but this may not be enough.

Despite being the premiere on Netflix worldwide, with over 127 million hours watched from August 8 to August 14, the long-awaited second season of the series isn’t a sure thing.

why? “Because Sandman It’s a really expensive proposition,” hypnotic originator Neil Gaiman Explained on Twitter. “And for Netflix to release the money to allow us to make another season, we have to do incredibly well.”

He added, “Yes, we’ve been the best show in the world for the past two weeks. That might not be enough.”

The Mindy Kaling-produced I have never done before It ranked second worldwide with just over 55 million hours watched over the same time period, followed by the third season of lock and key At No. 3, the fourth season of Weird things In number 4 and the fourth season of Virgin River in number 5.

hypnotic It was watched for nearly 200 million hours during the first nine days of its release since its August 5 debut.

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