Why would Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go on this time?

Talking to HuffPost He lives In 2015, she referred to their intense romance as a “high-profile relationship that broke down in a really bad way” amid a really low career point for her. However, Lopez also said, “She has no regrets. I’ll do it again, I guess. I’ll really do it. Even the relationship part. I just feel like it’s all part of your story and your journey and it’s meant to be and help you grow if you’re Willing to consider it, and I am willing to consider it.”

Fast forward six years, and you’ve done it again, reader.

But not quite. With five kids between them and plenty of miles on the odometer in life, they’re much older, wiser and not giving a damn about what the media might have to say about their romantic reunion. (Although in case they ever wondered, the response ranged from hyper-happy to outright repentant, with some embracing the opportunity to reflect on why, as Affleck described what they were 19 years ago, they were “very mean.”)

And oh, the lessons everyone learned — about love, devotion, family, and perhaps most importantly, themselves.

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