Will Paul Reiser return to Stranger Things 5? He says…

The Duffer Brothers mostly planned for Season 5, the final installment, but you don’t know when filming will begin.

“This last season took two years in total, and who knows how long season five will take,” said Sadie Sink. Limit. “The Duffers definitely know the fans will be eagerly awaiting a fifth season, but I don’t think they’re going to rush it. They want to have the best final season they can do.”

They may not rush the process, but they seem to be reducing the number of scenes in the final season. The Duffer Brothers promised that the upcoming episodes will be a little shorter, though they expect the finale to be another long episode.

Matt Dover told happy sad confused Audio notation. “You get to know them, you can see them in their lives, they’re struggling to adjust to high school and so on, Steve is trying to find a date, all. Obviously none of that is going to happen. [in season 5]. “

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