Will Smith says he is “followed” by these animals in Ecuador

Will Smith became a regular at animal encounters.

While on a trip in South America, he King Richard The star was visited by some strange, feathered friends.

“We’re sitting here in the spot in Ecuador and that’s the kind of thing that happens. Just a peacock in the window,” he says in a video posted to Instagram on September 3.

In the clip, set to File very $hort’s track “Blow the Whistle,” Will depicts the curious bird staring out of its window at the top before a friend joins in.

And he continued, “Oh, now it also looks like, ‘Yo. Yes, I see you too.” “Now two peacocks, what’s up.”

He commented on the hilarious post, “Why do these animals follow me everywhere???”

Just weeks ago, Will, 53, shared a video of him and his son Trey Smith, 29 years old, facing a huge spider. In the clip posted on Instagram, the duo noticed that the tarantula was a few meters away from them. “What the hell,” Will said while filming the video. “This is the big ass spider.”

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