You will not object to these secrets of law and order

Elizabeth Room, who played ADA Serena Southerlyn for three and a half seasons, said she felt altruistic, at times her naive (but still sharp) character reflecting her own values. The actress said to Long Island Weekly in May. “I think Serena had that ideal and so did I.”

Perhaps the ideal, at least, was to deconstruct it, and Branch disagreed with Southerner’s approach to an issue and fired her. Her memorable response, out of nowhere, was, “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” The answer was no, but it was a scratch because Serena’s personal life never came to light. (She ranked 25 in TV Land’s 100 Most Unexpected Moments in Television History.)

Let’s just say, that Rohm’s time on set (“My mates were Jerry Auerbach and Sam Waterston, I mean, those are real actors”) sounds more enjoyable than Southlin’s time in the DA office.

Rohm, whose recent work includes: “On my last working day, Sam Waterston wrote a letter” Jane the Virgin And the bomb. “He said, I came Law and order With the Flame of Happiness, I have a child-like enthusiasm for life. I like to have fun. I like to treat people kindly. I want to make an impact. I want to make a difference.”

She continued, “And I think I have this enthusiasm and child-like idealism, and belief in humanity. I have never been surprised when people are kind because I know within us all this hope and desire to develop and be happy. This does not mean that there are no criminal minds, decadence, despair, poverty and violence.”

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