You won’t believe what Noah Centineo tattooed on his shaved head

Noah Centineo He thinks in ink – literally.

While out with friends in New York City on August 25 To all the boys I’ve loved before The star debuted a shocking new tattoo on the side of his newly shaved skull.

Sitting just above his left ear, Noah’s unexpected head art appears to be an image of a bear and two cubs.

There’s no word on whether Noah shaved off his dark curls for an upcoming on-screen project or what the inky animals might signify, as the actor has remained quiet about it.

This isn’t the first time Noah has cut his famous locks. In 2019, fans shocked his head with a buzz, which revealed a crescent-shaped scar in his hairline.

“Some people in my life think I’ve kind of turned into a more masculine type,” Noah shared with Harper’s Baazar in 2020 with his new look. “They treat me differently. People are more intimidating.”

He added, “Maybe he’s not afraid but…a bit shy. The guy who cut the buzz with scars on his face is a little different, like, a nice, long-haired boy.”

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