YouTuber iJustine details a battle with a life-threatening blood clot

Justin Ezarekalso known to fans on YouTube as iJustine, talks about her experience with a critical health condition.

Last March, the 38-year-old’s arm became numb, swollen and turned purple, prompting her to seek treatment. “I couldn’t even bend my arms because the biceps were so huge that it looked like I was really ripped from the gym – but it was just swollen,” she said. today In an article published on August 26. “I went to [an emergency clinic] A nurse looked at him. She says, “We’re not equipped to deal with that.”

She added, “I went from [being] Almost perfectly good [dying] In a few hours.”

After Ezarek was hospitalized, the Pittsburgh native learned she had DVT, and there was a blood clot in her arm. She was prescribed high doses of blood thinners but was later transferred to another hospital that is better equipped to treat the clot. There, Ezarek underwent a thrombectomy, which involved using a catheter to break up the clot so it wouldn’t travel to her heart or brain.

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