Zendaya’s mum reveals why she had to ‘drop the name’ at the 2022 Emmys

Emmys security almost interrupted a joyful night Zendayamother.

Claire Stoermer She hilariously called out her night at the 2022 Emmys minutes before her daughter won the lead actress in a drama series about… trance. In an attempt to calm Zendaya’s nerves, Claire approaches the star’s table – until she is detained by security.

“[I] I made my way to Z before they gave her an Emmy and gave her the biggest hug and said… BREATHE!!! Claire wrote in an Instagram story posted on September 13. The only problem? The guy who tried to stop me said ‘Where are your credentials?’

Fortunately, Claire knew what she was going to say.

“I said ‘I am Zendaya’s mother’ and kept walking!!” The hostess continued laughing. “Hahahaha! I don’t call a drop like this but I have to do it!”

The magic words worked, and Claire was on hand to watch the actress give her acceptance speech.

“Thanks to the Academy, thanks to my friends and family, some of them are here tonight.” Zendaya said during her talk, she pauses to laugh while her mother cheers. “Thank you Toxic [Levinson] For sharing Rue with me, thank you for trusting me even in the moments when I didn’t believe in myself.”

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